Water Time, fun bits & Christmas (Day 70 and more)

Merry Christmas!

Did someone say 'food coma'? I have given up keeping track of the days now, even though I have a fair few bits and pieces to go, the boat is essentially done. I'm still keen to get the canopy and navigation lights done for New Years Eve on the water but we will see if I get the time. Lately, I have spent my boat building hours just fitting out the fun bits, radio, sounder, seating and the like, no welding for a change! Below are some photos from the last few days. After another recent trip on the water, I am, really happy with how this hull performs, it really does feel like a much bigger boat on the water.

Rubber grommet to protect the cabling from the aluminium edges

Seat box being made

Yet another view of the transducer

Just back from Northern Beaches Marine, got the motor dropped another notch and trim range is perfect now.

Seating being  positioned before I fabricate the seat bases, seating position seems excellent and comfortable too.

Seat box needs its rear hatch installed

Fuel tank floor section pop-riveted and fully sealed in place

Fabricating some seat brackets

Filling the catch tank with water to test for leaks

Sounder and radio being installed

Looks a bit more serious now

Everything within my fingertips and in easy view

Seat bases

Seat bases will get bolted into place


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