2017-2018 An update.

I thought it would be about time I posted again - Life has been pretty hectic with work, family and ongoing home renovations. With another long trip planned this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to check over the trailer. I noticed that one of the trailer wheel rims looked like it had cracked along a seam weld. Although not conclusive, I wasn't taking any chances, bought a new replacement rim and decided to finally convert the trailer to dual axle for better peace of mind on the freeway. The trailer already had a heavy duty axle and 9 leaf springs so I just decided to install the same for the 2nd set of running gear. Theoretically, the carrying load of this trailer is very high but I would never be able to exceed that with this rig even with the burliness in the build of this plate boat. My new pursuit has been fly fishing, after booking a guided fly fishing trip to Kiritimati (Christmas Island) for 2018 I though it would be about time I learned to cast a proper fly and invested in some equipment. The boat has been fantastic but I am looking at making some changes. The next project will involve a lighter-weight canopy structure utilising a canvas cover. With the folding, up and down action of the canopy structure, it just makes sense that it is light and easier to lift. I also feel that with the weight on the roof, centre of gravity isn't in the right spot, there is a fair bit of weight in the tubing and the plate lid so this will need to go. I will post updates on the new canopy once I get around to building it.

Dual axle conversion completed and tested.

New heavy duty 45mm axle and 9 leaf heavy duty springs, 4 of them! Hub assembly comes pre-packed with bearings and grease.

Replaced the bracket on both sides for the dual axle version, this bracket carries all the running gear.

The guards had to be trimmed where they met in the centre. The small mark on the trailer main-frame is where the previous, single axle was positioned. The dual setup will sit either side of this mark.

It's not easy doing the job with the boat still on but the bolt on nature of this upgrade was very easy.

Close-up of trimmed guards, the trimmed sections will meet at the centre of the SHS bracket.

A mate of mine fishing soft plastics inshore of Botany Bay.

Winter left-overs, always good on the boat.

'Green' winter water.

Fly fishing is my new weapon. Nautilus 6# weight and Abel 8# weight outfits.

Tailor-Made after a great day outside.

First fish on a fly, winter flattie - Got it on a chartreuse Clouser.

Abel 8# weight super series bought for a bargain on Gumtree.

Innovator fly rods are excellent.

A whole boat ramp to myself - Is this what retirement could look like?

Abel and the new Galvan Grip 12# weight ready for action.

One of my best spots for chilling with the Fam' in Botany Bay. Bushfire in the distance, Royal National Park.

Visit to Sussex Inlet, South Coast NSW.


  1. how you doing with your pps gun, i have miller aluma pro guns but look for pps for euro feeders

    1. It's a great PPS gun but I have since sold it, had no real need for it.


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