Boat Engine Fitting & Canopy (Day 66 & 67)

An easy weekend this time, took the boat in for the engine install. Jon from Northern Beaches Marine was there to meet me first thing on Saturday so we went through all the details for the final install of engine and electrical work. The rest of the weekend was pretty casual so I decided to pay some time back to the family but somehow still managed to squeeze the fabrication of the canopy into the weekend. It's a good size canopy and it will need to fold down completely if it is to work properly, below is the design I have been working on.

Space for navigation lights, outriggers & more will be integrated into the fold-away canopy - Fold-down windscreen will follow shortly after. The canopy frame & arms are mainly fabricated from 48.44 dia x 4.7mm structural tube.

Transducer bracket installed

Outer canopy frame tacked together

Inner bars tacked in place

Fit-up was pretty good except for one joint which was easy to fix

The almost finished canopy frame
Sneak peak of the motor being fitted-up courtesy of Northern Beaches Marine!

Close-up of welded tube joints.


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