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2017-2018 An update.

I thought it would be about time I posted again - Life has been pretty hectic with work, family and ongoing home renovations. With another long trip planned this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to check over the trailer. I noticed that one of the trailer wheel rims looked like it had cracked along a seam weld. Although not conclusive, I wasn't taking any chances, bought a new replacement rim and decided to finally convert the trailer to dual axle for better peace of mind on the freeway. The trailer already had a heavy duty axle and 9 leaf springs so I just decided to install the same for the 2nd set of running gear. Theoretically, the carrying load of this trailer is very high but I would never be able to exceed that with this rig even with the burliness in the build of this plate boat. My new pursuit has been fly fishing, after booking a guided fly fishing trip to Kiritimati (Christmas Island) for 2018 I though it would be about time I learned to cast a proper fly and …

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