Rails, Sanding, Fitting, Jetty-Float & Trailer Test (Day 64 & 65)

The jetty-float test, a highly technical test designed to check whether the boat will float or not. Two 12 hour days this weekend to get the boat to some sort of level for engine install and water testing. With old tacks removed and sanded down, there were lots of spots, scratches and the like so I decided to sand the whole boat down with the 80 grit orbital. The photos make the boat look really patchy in the sun but in reality it looks nothing like that, add to this it will get darker and fade as well so the swirl marks will blend in more. It was fun standing on the boat, moving around at the jetty, didn't want to actually go home and it was a very satisfying sort of feeling. When the boat initially slipped off the trailer I had a quiet chuckle, re-composed myself then took another photo just before she slid off the trailer completely and into the bay. The balance of weight without a motor on at the tow ball is slightly excessive for my car so the cars rear end is dipping a little. I'm told that once the weight of the motor & batteries are added, the pendulum effect will take over, more weight over the trailer axle should take some load off the cars rear suspension, we will see but for now some slightly heavier duty springs could be the answer.

Tacking on cap at the end of the fender & the 'fingernail' cut fuel breather tube protector.

Cut-outs for the scuppers

Transom done

Grab rails on

Fuel breather cover

Tacking on side grabrails

Transom deck plates on

At the ramp!

The tide was really low so had to dunk the trailer in a fair way

She floats! Chines stick way out without a motor & batteries.


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