2015 and 2016 Marlin Season

We had a very quiet winter but its all happening this summer, despite our first fish-less day last Sunday, we had a double hook up on Marlin the week before and with only two on board, 5 lines and two teasers to clear, it was mayhem for a few moments. I also took a Gopro out for the first time, just to get a feel for the best place to mount it when filming. Initial footage is on the Gopro, the rest was taken on a smartphone -video edited in Gopro studio, click link below;

Testing out the GoPro

I have also made some minor changes to the boat, small stuff but makes a big difference, photos at the bottom of the page. Other than that, the boat is trucking along nicely, I still get comments from crew on the boat regarding how great the ride is, the hull continually impresses.

A perfect morning

Beautiful golden sunrise contrasts against the dirty green water caused by recent heavy rains

Out go the lures, home-made aluminium outriggers are working well so far.

Much better, blue water.

Rob at the helm, GoPro wide angles are great fun.

Lots of trolling and thinking to do at the bow.

A couple of 32mm pole holders and the annoying poles are no longer on the floor.

A tether to the turnbuckle, occasionally they undo them selves whilst towing and get lost on the floor.
Shimano Tiagra


  1. Just Read your Blog!! Awesome boat - you should be proud!! Tight Lines!


  2. Great Blog and super boat - thanks for the great write up


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