Boat Test! (Day 68 & 69)

What a memorable weekend!

Finally got the boat out onto the water and it just blew my mind!
Ride is soft and the hull is quite stable and very dry as well, all good attributes for a small fishing boat to have.

I took my son out, its the first time for him out on a boat but he handled it like a pro, did all the right things and loved to fish. We had a huge school of feeding pelagic fish boil up near the boat, probably large Kingfish Salmon or even Tuna and bucket sized heads with massive splashes as they were attacking the slimy mackerel bait balls was scary but great!

We were catching Slimy Mackerel on little metal jigs but by the time I rigged up a bigger lure on heavier tackle the big fish had sounded. Unable to hang around due to my boy starting to feel a little sea sick, I had to call it a day and return.

All in all, a very successful first outing and one I will never forget but its back to reality now with canopy and seating, bow rails, carpet to finish and hopefully a live bait tank too in the near future.

Pickup day at Northern Beaches Marine

Dash works well for my needs, trolling switch on top near the tacho is excellent

Guess where???

In troll mode with a Rapala out back, bit hard trolling without rod holders though!

Just beautiful water, want to jump in.

Out at the heads, gentle rolling swell and plenty of big fish around but I wasn't prepared!

Mug shot - looks bare without a canopy & screen

Hydraulic steering by Seastar

Transducer on bracket

View of starboard side of battery box, pump, fuel filter.

Batteries are centered on the hull - BEP DVSR switch seems pretty good

Covers going on

Much better.


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