Stringer Welds Completed (Day 19)

Not much to report this weekend, after a few hundred welds, the stringers are finally in for good. I also managed a few of the frame forward face welds also. I'm definitely not into guns in any way unless of course they are used for welding. For aluminium, a push-pull gun is the way to go, the one I have from TECARC in the UK, model PPS-360 plugs into any welder with a Euro style connection and away it goes. Great results with a very reliable feed and minimal fuss which is what you really need with soft aluminium wire being feed up the gun for 6 metres or so. So, besides my trusty patch-work TIG glove with a garden glove forefinger, used for MIG and my stainless steel brush, the push-pull MIG gun by TECARC is definitely one of my favourite tools.

Smooth feed-ability means better & more consistent, reliable welding with aluminium, less burned out
 tips too.


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