Frame - Bottom Welds Completed, Stringer - Frame Welds Started (Day 20 & 21)

Another marathon weekend of welding, I am getting pretty good at welding out of position now, it's a real skill but when you have done a few hundred welds you get to know the traps. Positioning yourself and the MIG gun prior to firing up that arc is crucial, making sure you can follow through with the weld without getting caught up on something along the way is just as critical. Not much to report again but stringer to frames welds need to be finished off, then finish welding the transom which is really tricky because it's very tight in some spots for the MIG gun. Once those welds are complete it's time for the seams to be done. I will aim for a watertight seam on my first inside pass so I am planning do a little TIG welding inside as well, just at the joins between the MIG welds so they fuse in nicely. It was fairly cold this weekend too so the metal was also cold, some pre-heating with a hot air gun on high for a minute, gun held on the weld start area, helped weld starts fuse better into the parent metal.

Typical frame to bottom and chine weld

Wider view of typical welds - The shavings are what's leftover after the old tacks are cut down, don't MIG weld over tacks unless they are cut right down or you will get a big, cold useless lump of weld where the old tack was.

Typical frame to bottom and chine weld with stringer weld to frame -  Chine seam welds still to be done


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