Weld Testing & Welding Stringers (Day 17 & 18)

Welding has finally started on the inside of the boat and it's hard work but satisfying as well. I tested some samples and when I was happy with the results, took note of the settings and went from there.

There are a lot of welds in this boat, weld after weld and in all directions, it's going to be one very solid boat. First up the stringers are being welded, then the frames, then stringers to frames and finally the seams. The boat will get flipped and the underside will be welded, flipped over again and it's then some finishing work and a homeward stretch to some fun in the sun on the water this coming summer.

No sign of breaking with 90 deg + of bending.

Test coupon, bent the other way another 90 deg and the welds beat the metal, the 4mm 5083 plate broke but the welds stayed intact.

Test coupon done with staggered, intermittent welds per weld design.

Small void in fillet didn't seem to affect strength of weld tested.

Bent passed 90 deg but not broken at all.

Nice little fillet to get things going.

Having a strong light on the helmet is gold!


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