Bow Lug, Chines, Transom, Stem Bar - (Day 8, 9 & 10)

Things are shaping up, the chines and bow lug  were fitted up this weekend as was the transom and transom brackets. I also managed to get the seam welded from the bow to frame #6. The stem bar has also been installed, so much welding, this is a very strong boat. Because I had to do some final welding today I did some break bend tests of the seam weld with my desired welder settings. The welds I could not break, I used all my strength and even hung my entire body over the spanner to try and bend the sample but it wouldn't break, not even close, photos below;

Hydrochloric acid used to show weld penetration, the weld looks penetrated enough so I wrote down these settings and went with them. This is a one-sided weld sample and broke at 70 degrees.

Could not break the sample, this is similar to what the final boat weld would represent, welded both sides.
Even bouncing all my weight over the spanner & sample it was impossible to break or bend any further. I think I will try to smash it with a steel sledge hammer & see how it holds up.

Stem bar being fitted

Stem bar fully welded in

Transom and brackets tacked in.


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