Anchor Locker, Bow Sprit & Transom Bracing (Day 15 & 16)

Rain, rain and even more rain. It's really difficult to get anything done when it's wet and you are limited for space. Somehow I managed though but having everything wet and trying to keep stuff, tools, welders dry slows things down a fair bit. The anchor locker-lid is now tacked on and also the bow sprit, still needs some work but it should come up well. I got a little too carried away tig'ing today, the plates that form the anchor locker lid bent like bananas under the heat, I really should have braced it but in the end with some gentle massaging and some crossed fingers it all went in pretty well.

It's time to start welding the inside now, it's come around pretty quickly.

Tacked in transom/ stringer brackets

Typical 'snipe' detail didn't really work so I changed it a little per below image.

Adjusted 'snipe' dimensions so they cover the brackets below.

Framing up anchor locker panel

Some TIG welding

After adjusting the panel to remove the warping it fitted in quite well. The lid will get some nice hardware.

Flat plate to raise the anchor locker floor, less crevices to worry about. A drain hole is still to go in.


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