Sides on (Day 11 & 12)

Both sides are now tacked in as is frame #9 which also forms the anchor locker and it's massive. I have ended up with a gap at the bow between the chines and the bottoms of the side plates but some gentle 'panel beating' should fix that next weekend. I must have positioned the chines a little too low at the bow by error.
Only one way to describe this boat, voluminous, it's huge for a 5m boat. Using 2 chain blocks fixed to my carport rafters, I was able to fit the sides on my own, adjusting the side plate angle and position was a breeze using the chain blocks, wasn't difficult at all this way. Folded parts have been dropped off to a fabricating shop for folding and I hopefully will pick these up next weekend. Just a note on putting things together, it's best not to tack the sides on entirely, get frame #9 in before you tack too far towards the bow, 300 or 400mm from the bow should be left un-tacked until frame #9 is positioned otherwise the side plates wont fit-up to frame #9 neatly and frame #9 will be difficult to get in otherwise.

Starboard side going in

View at the bow

Keeping the side panel on a slight curve as you tack it on with a 2mm overhang on the bottom plates

View at the bow, nice.

I really like the lines on this design
Port side going on

New frame for the wheels, the old one bent like a ripe banana under the weight

View from the stern looking forward, frame #9 in place between the side plates

Couldn't wait until the weekend so I made lots of necessary noise during the early evening & managed to close the gaps well enough for welding. Some cleaning up required but I am confident it will look good and be 'fair' once complete.


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