Fold-Down Windscreen

This took a bit of work, it's pretty simple though as you can see but it will do the job perfectly.
Aim was for the screen to fold down for low-garage access and to also provide full cover width and height and to be folded up & down quickly, with minimal fuss. The gap at the top will be covered in clears later on at some point along with clears to the sides as well. This should almost be as good as a centre cab design, a large console area was always the plan, hours punching into a sea back to port with water all over you isn't much fun. Having said that, the boat under most circumstances will remain dry inside, it's only if you go a little too fast and a strong wind is beam or 3/4 on that you can cop some spray but that is pretty much all boats.

Before the perspex was fitted, I have since installed a couple of rubber stoppers to go between the 25x25 windscreen frame and 48.44mm dia canopy supports.

Large rubber latches seem to do the job OK

3 x Aluminium hinges welded to the windscreen frame allow the screen to fold down out of the way.

Good protection for a centre console


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