Berley Bucket

With the berley bucket finally installed, I was really pleased to see that it fitted despite being designed and built well before the boat kit arrived. It proved to be easy to use, quite ergonomic with no strain on the back when reaching over. Its not rocket science but you see so many factory 'professionally' designed products for boats that are useless and difficult to use unless you are an acrobat or have arms and a back like a gorilla! Anyhow, having the ability to custom make whatever suits you is a real bonus. The system was put to the test last weekend and passed with flying colours, a whole 1.5 large blocks of leftover pilchards went in as berley and this had the fish going nuts. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great with a howling sow' easterly and the bigger fish weren't up for it but we still had some fun.

Channel bracket welded on for the berley bucket to mount to

View of fixings, 2 x SS nyloc nuts & bolts

Very easy to reach with the angle bucket opening and longer chomper

Poly cutting board

View with bow rails on


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