Hatches, bilge pump, fuel lines, bungs (Day 62 & 63)

With the fender seam welds now complete, it was time to focus on getting all the things done that are required for the engine fitting. That meant doing some work on the transom area, finishing the fuel lines and the rear hatches. If I get time, I will try to finish the front storage hatch as well but its not a priority. I also had to pick up longer stems posts for the trailer skids and these will get installed later in the week. Next weekend its one last check then some sanding and finishing or as much as I can complete. I'd really like to get the railings on too but we will see how much time I get.

Rear end getting a makeover, hatches to go in after final sanding

Bilge pump outlet installed. So I am not drilling fixings through frame# 1 for supporting pumps, filters, switches & the like inside the battery box, I will install 2 x 25x25 rails across frame# 1 with a 150mm high x 3mm plate welded to the rails. This will allow for flexible fixing points anywhere along frame# 1.

Fuel tank bolted to angle bracket supports

Catch tank hatch - Small, staggered MIG welds are the key to avoiding distortion with these lids.

Fender/ Gunwale seam - I prep'd the joint with a 2-3mm gap to allow for proper penetration of the TIG weld.

Installing the SS fuel filler cap - This will be wired to make contact with the hull to reduce the chance of static build-up. The lid itself wont make contact with the gunwale otherwise the gunwale will corrode away with electrolysis.

Outside fuel tank plumbing connections done - I will source a black 38mm hose at some point but for now this will do the job. You can just see the nice & thick black Sika 291 seal between fuel filler flange & gunwale so they don't make contact.

Working up the framing for the hatches

Making sure the hatch edges sit nice and flat is really important - Hatch/ deck edges are fully TIG welded to floor stringers.

Duralac paste to screw holes just before installing the plastic bungs.

Fuel tank hatch ready to flip over the right way up

Plastic bungs installed - The round 'doublers' allow for fixing screws that wont ever penetrate the transom.

Catch tank hatch sits nice & flush, aluminium Doric hinges work really well.

Bilge outlet installed - outside view


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