Fuel Tank, Bow Sprit, Console & Fender Seam Welds (Day 60 & 61)

Getting very close now, it's almost time to get the engine fitted.
I just need to finish of the fender seam on the gunwale, sand & finish some welds, install the bilge pump and a few other bits & pieces. I am planning to get the motor fitted prior to completing the canopy otherwise I will have the holiday season getting in the way of progress, we don't want that.
This weekend the fuel tank was finally repaired after last weeks round with the Hulk. The tank supports & plumbing went in after I tested the tank for leaks just one more time. I also completed most of the console, enough to install anyhow. The bow sprit & anchor cheeks are installed & I just need to work out how I can get the Sarka No2 to mount nicely up front before I install the SS bollard which has a split pin, really hope I can get this to work. I decided to TIG weld the fender to the gunwale, I tried MIG but it wasn't good enough without having to sand the weld down. TIG will take a few more hours but once it's done its done, nothing else to do other than a rub down with a SS brush. I will try to get the railings done as well but they aren't necessary for the engine fitting so they aren't a priority right now.

How about that for clearance under the carport!

Rubber fuel tank feet, rubber courtesy of Kenda Karma L3R Pro 29er MTB tyre, pop riveted to aluminium fuel tank feet.

Lining up the plumbing

I tried to make sure that the plumbing flowed in a downward direction

Fuel tank docked in place

Hoses temporarily connected for the breather (left) & fuel filler (right)

Filling in the gaps

And sanding them smooth

Positioning the bow sprit before tacking

Welded in, I used a temporary bolt to hold it together during welding

Inside of console almost complete

TIG welded the fender/ gunwale seam

Fender to bow sprit junction


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