Progress (Day 27 to 40)

This is a big post, lots of work done after a 2 week holiday at home. Only a few seams to weld on top before it's time to flip the boat to weld the underside seams and install the keel channel. It will then be time to build the fuel tank, the console and order a trailer so I can get the boat in for engine fitting.

The coming photos tell the rest of the story;

That's a 'G' size gas bottle.

Port side, fuel tank hatch edge - You can step or even jump up & down here, now it's been welded in properly. I decided to put in an extra box support between the box stringer & angle for a little extra strength & support for the angle mid-span.

1.5m3 of polyethylene foam floatation to go under the deck.

Bush mechanic style - Home-made pipe bending apparatus.

Live bait tank scoop-pipe feed, drilled through hull.

View of live bait tank pipe from below, it will get welded and trimmed at a slight angle so it can pick up water on the go.

Checking to make sure plumbing clears the floor.

Temporarily fitting the floor & floor box

This pipe can feed fresh water into the catch tank so the catch tank can be transformed into a big live-bait tank

Pipe on the right is the feed-recirculation pipe into the catch tank

Gutter/ frame for box storage at bow

Box storage welded-up & ready to install into the hull

Getting some polyethylene foam in before the storage box gets welded in

Temporarily fitting up the floor just to see where it's at

Close up view of floor stringers & frame# 8 at bow

Storage box installed

Great way to weld a gap, use a solid brass bar behind, this will ensure the argon doesn't escape & the arc stays in control.

Another view of floor at bow

TIG welding at the catch tank

View of bow storage box again

View of cable tray channel

View of cable tray channel, sits directly under the console

A novel but effective way to get a weld in under the inside gunwale using a 45 deg MIG neck & a mirror - Thanks to Bob The Welder for this advice!

Home-made pipe bending results, grab-rails to be welded on later

Something a little different & 'round' in grab-rails, this will get welded onto the aft side-skins later

This may look primitive but it worked perfectly!

Just take your time bending bit by bit - The pipes in the background were failed attempts

Bow rails almost done & symmetrical

Battery box installed

Side pocket installed

Welded on flat bars to support the transom stringers

This is the end result of the poor little mirror after welding with it

Door frame temporarily fitted

SB - Aft side skin checked for size

Fitting some polyethylene foam to the transom corners

SB - Aft side skin fitted

Port - Aft side skin fitted

Fenders installed to both sides

Aluminium bungs get welded on

Transom caps

Catch tank supply, through hull, bung cap is angled to match transom angle, had to use a larger pipe to fit in the main tube.

Typical seam weld at gunwale, outside junction


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