Seam Welding Inside (Day 23 & 24)

Welding the internal seams has gone well and I will be finished by next week. I decided to use the TIG to get welds in under the scallop of the frame, this way I know the weld has a much better chance of being water tight, the rest of the welds will be done with the MIG and they should be very straight forward. I also bought an outboard this weekend, a Suzuki DF90 four stroke, it's wonderful and Jon from Northern Beaches Marine has kindly offered to leave the motor at his workshop until I am ready to take the boat in to him, probably in about 6-8 weeks I am guessing at this stage.

A bit hard to tell but using the mirror under the keel I was able to see if the welds were penetrating, a fine line between full penetration and blowing through with MIG!

Typical MIG seam weld on the inside

Testing TIG weld settings

Preparing plates to be bent to destruction over weld

Bottom is the 5mm plate, top is the 4mm, 100% penetration on the 4mm plate, about 60% on the 5mm with TIG. Always a slight compromise when there are differing plate thicknesses to deal with. 4mm sections are thin width chine sections vs the massive 5mm bottoms so care needed to be taken controlling the heat and possible burn through.

Typical TIG seam

TIG seam along the chine & under the frame stress relief 'scallop' cut-out, this will make the job of MIG much easier as MIG could cause a cold joint under the frame where the MIG runs would join up.

MIG on the transom corners

MIG - Chine to sides


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