Construction has started - Day 2 & 3

Great weather this weekend allowed me to finish cutting the remainder of the parts out and do some sorting. It was then time to start building. It's fairly straight forward but you need to constantly be on the ball, I've never built a boat before nor anything this big (besides a house or two). I didn't realise how much time fit-up of the panels can take. Getting the panels aligned correctly is critical and definitely tested my problem solving skills. I made a couple of mistakes already which needed tacks removed. I was lucky enough to have Uncle Scotty over this weekend to lend another pair of hands and another brain. My mate Peter also came over and offered some excellent advice on clamping and propping that really worked. Pictures below of the weekends effort.

Ready to lay the bottom plates down
Moving the bottom plates into position
Bottom plates and frame # 1 in place but only tacked at the keel

First lot of tacks go in after the bottom plates are flush and level at the keel.
Another view of the panels
hull view

View from the transom before transom frames go in.

Tacked in the first transom brace

The transom plate is fitting perfectly & is flush with the bottom plates, it's a pure pleasure working with such accurately designed and cut plates.

Serious bracing inside the transom and this is not all of it either! Temporarily and just roughly fitted to check it all aligns except for one transom bracket which has been tacked in to help hold up frame #1.


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