Boat Kit Arrived - Day 1

The day has finally come, the kit arrived safe and sound. It was a little scary having the kit craned over the neighbors yard, between the tree branches and into my little driveway but Peter from Roadpatrol did a superb job with pin-point accuracy using his HIAB lifter.
It was then time to cut-out the parts and sort them in a logical sequence for building, the photos should tell the rest of the story. It was hard work but I managed to get pretty much the whole kit cut in one big day so it's not something that would drag on forever. I did it all on my own and managed to get the 100kg+ panels shifted with a basic wooden trolley made of scrap wood that was lying around which proved to be very useful as the day wore on.

Checking the plans before cutting the kit.

The RoadPatrol truck arrives with the kit on the back

Peter operating the HIAB

Landed, just where I hoped it would go and luckily for me also facing in the right direction!

5mm bottom panels ready to have tabs cut-out with the dual saw

Bunnings special ozito dual saw, priceless for safety, much less chance of blade kickback. 'BS' stands for the starboard bottom plate.

Bottom plates free

Knocked up a quick trolley fit for purpose, this allowed me to do shifting part of the job on my own.

First panel inside the 'workshop'

Bottom panel loaded onto trolley, well over 100kgs I think but the trolley was easy to use.

Side panels are HUGE but my little wooden trolley worked a treat.

10 hours later, almost all parts cut and everything safe and sound inside my 'workshop' ready for organising.


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