Preparing For Boat Flip (Day 45)

Just one day this weekend, built a couple of wooden carts, cut a hole in the back, frame# 1 for the door so it's easy to get in when the boat is upside-down. I deliberately haven't installed the floor as I intend to leak-test the hull once the outer seems are complete and the boat is still upside-down. Also did a few other odd bits that needed completing prior to flipping the boat on the coming weekend. I also decided to tack together the fuel tank to see how it fitted up and it was as perfect as could be which was great so the fuel tank should be pretty quick to put together from this point, some MIG on the inside then fully TIG welded on the outside and tested for possible leaks.

Fuel Tank - First side tacked onto the tank body which had been folded

Second side on

Trying the baffles on for size

centre baffle

All tacked in OK - I ran out of 5mm bar so I just cut section of leftover 5mm plate (of which there is plenty!) to use as tank lid plug welding plates instead.

Lid fits perfectly

Tank waiting for it's next stage

Transom door cutout

Just used a jig-saw with metal blade to cut it out

Bow sprit end - it's a little warped so will need some correcting

Never tire of the look of the bow & hard-chine design on this boat

Lifting lugs on the port side

Wooden cart with jockey wheels for the transom, have another for the bow with 4 x castors


  1. loving the work bill ! come look at your site every few days hoping for an update. keep it up !

    Cheers Joel

    1. Shall do Joel, it's getting close now, once the boat is flipped back over things should come together quickly, just in time for summer.


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