The Design


• Lightweight for easy towing,
• Tough for beach launching,
• Run on moderate horsepower
• ‘Outside’ Seaworthy
• Self draining deck & sealed floor
• Centre Console
• High sided – deep hull
• Good riding & stable at rest
• 5083 H321 plate with 5mm bottom panels
• Easy enough to build
• Right length to fit into a tight garage
• Easily launched & handled solo
• Iconic 'Tinny' i.e. typical working plate boat WA/ QLD tropic style...


CNC Marine -

The model is the 5m centre console - Great slideshow with some video on the water of another build here; ... IZbckHaw84

Below are some designs I have been working on for the canopy and console which needs to be able to fold down and to clear a height of 2100m. You can see that the canopy will utilize the kill tank recess to fold down into when being stored away. That's what I really like about aluminum, the customization factor.

I will be opting for 100hp or maybe even 115hp 4 stroke outboard if the budget will stretch, it's rated to 115hp but 90hp is the designers suggested motor size. I will also be sanding the boat with a 80 grit wheel & sealing with a clear sealer of some sort, Sharkhide or Nyalic but I like the look of an unpainted ali boat not to mention it's much easier to maintain.
I'm very excited about attempting it, packing a little $h1t at the same time though to be honest but I figure easy does it and eventually I will have just the boat for me. It used to be about owning another boat but once the DIY thing kicked in it quickly became all about the challenge of it!

  CAD Drawings, checking height on trailer to clear carport, notice the folding canopy which sits inside the open kill tank. Everything clears the 2100m height limit.

Forward 3D image of boat internals

  Rear 3D image, boat internals

 Hull design software model

 More 3D images


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