Boat Build

So, I've decided I want to build my own boat. 

It's no big surprise for me really, I've always had a passion for boating & fishing. When I was little I'd build countless model boats out of plastic leftover bits from bottles, biscuit tins and other assorted 'rubbish' and couldn't wait to get out onto the water to test them out. They would either float, sink or get blown away. That was then, now it's for real, I am going to challenge myself and make a life-size one, that will hopefully float too! Kidding....

I will be buying an aluminum flat-pack kit designed by CNC Marine, based in WA. Then, fitting it together and welding it. There is a lot of work involved & a little fabrication, months probably but in the end I will get a great boat way cheaper & stronger than most commercially available recreational boats, especially the pressed variety.

Look out for upcoming blog posts on the design of the boat, welding progress and notes and of course the boat build itself.


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