Rocket Launcher & Outriggers

With a race on to get some game fishing gear sorted and the outriggers done before the water temperatures start to fall, I realised that I won't be totally ready in time so I will hone the setup over the winter months, maybe try for some tuna out wide if all goes well. Riggers were finished yesterday, getting a solid fixing point on a canopy was a bit of a challenge but this is working, aim was to get the riggers up as high as possible. They are a lot more difficult to reach now but the higher the better because of the greater angle to the water line. Having the rocket launcher is also really handy, no rods on the floor of the boat to step on and they can be used as rod holder also while fishing. Its all these little additions to a boat that make a huge difference.

Did this sketch many, many years ago, it still does the job.

Rigging completed with tag lines on

Yeah - Launching rockets!

Windscreen in action

Tailor-Made, first trip 'outside' lumpy southerly swell & messy sea, boat handled it easily and ride is very soft.
Bent the 38mm tubes by hand
This simple hand tool did all the pipe bending on the project.
Rigger bases are notched out so they lock-into the solid aluminium rod in the main base

Main bases almost completed, they have a solid aluminium rod inside acting as a stopper for the rigger bases

Rigger base is a solid 10mm plate

Nice solid 10mm thick platform to mount the rigger bases, rigger bases are 6mm 5083 plate, rigger base tube is scaffolding tubing, 6000 series 48.44mm dia with a 4.47mm wall.

Once all the mucking around is done I will get a custom canvas bimini cover made up to suit

Just need the tag lines installed

Yes I know, house renovations will follow...soon...


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