Bait Board & Bow Rails

Last weekend I managed to get the bait board completed but I still need to find a suitable cutting surface to install. I also had a go at the bow rails, these are probably one of the most difficult things to make by hand, they curve in all directions but I will persevere.....see what happens. The images below show my first attempts but I will most likely try to get the bow rail profile down as low as possible.

Bait board almost complete, needs a cutting surface, there is a drain and a lower tool shelf.

Temporarily fitted

Tube in tube, 38mm tube fits nicely into the 48.44 tube, I will use these for the supports, the bait board needs to be easily removable

Welded some 5mm brackets on

Held in place for tacking

Slide-in supports are really sturdy!

Added a couple of rod hoders

Bow rail curve

Bow rail follows curve of gunwale - All bent by hand using a heavy duty tube bender and my tree!

Too high I think, more work to be done

Getting close

More tweaks to the bow rail


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