Fuel Tank, Console & Prep for Flip (Day 55 & 56)

This weekend was the last opportunity to check things before the final boat flip, one more leak check & a couple of new pin-holes were located & fixed, they were so small that they could have easily gone unnoticed, makes me think how many commercial boats must get shoved off the production line with leaks unchecked, nothing a bit of silicone & a paint job won't fix though!

I also did more work on the fuel tank, the lid is on and the doubler is made and ready to be welded on. I also decided to knock-up the console, it still needs to be welded and finished on the outside. I will put a shelf in there but not until all the rigging and electronics are done first. Speaking of electronics, I hooked up my new Lowrance Elite 7 HDI unit with Navionics Gold card, for the money, this unit with it's wide screen is great and very simple to use as well.

I decided to take the boat out this weekend in prep for the flip, just in case I had dramas with those crappy castor wheels again. Castor wheels disintegrated on one side but my brother had a great idea, put the car jack under while I towed it all out on a chain, hooked up to the car tow ball hitch. Going really slow, this worked perfectly!

I will hopefully be picking up the new boat trailer this week as well, the plan is to get the boat onto the trailer this weekend once the lifting lugs have been cut-off and the bottoms re-finished where the lugs were.

Fuel tank almost done, just needs to be leak tested

Tacking together the console

Console partially completed

I'll be using a swirly action with 80 grit for the finish on the outside

Ready for the final flip

View of transom - Brackets will get jockey wheels bolted onto them.

Great unit for the cost, it's all I really need and beats the hell out of the old black & white unit I had years ago, pixel definition is amazing. I also opted for the 50/200khz transducer.


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